Friday, February 22, 2008

I've Got Rhythm, How 'Bout You?

To compliment my study of bellydance, my boyfriend and I also began a drum class called "Rhythms of the Middle East" in January (taught by Eric of Okbari). We are learning Arabic rhythms and learning to play them on the doumbek. My original intent was to simply learn the rhythms in order to better play them on my zills and to recognize them when dancing. (I also thought it would be GREAT fun for my boyfriend to be able to drum while I danced.) However, I now look forward to drum class (almost) as much as dance class, and may need to continue studying it as well.

The reason I mention this, is that I just reserved my spot in two workshops in May taught by Karim Nagi. To quote his website, "Karim Nagi is both a musician and dancer. His goal is to unite these two disciplines into a single wholistic expression." (I would have typed "holistic" but I decided to quote it exactly.) How perfect??!! A workshop for dancers taught by a drummer! He's conducting two workshops in one day. The first is "Musicality for Dancers" and the second is "Arab Folk Dance Intensive." Jamileh, my dance instructor, highly recommends his workshops, so I know they will be worthwhile. I do not want to wish the next few months away... but I can hardly wait...

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  1. Very interesting. I don't have any dance rhythm. I used to play the clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano. It would be nice to take a dance class of some sort someday.