Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too Many Knitless Days

I thought I would have completed my yoga socks by now and would be back to working on my sweater. Due to several knitless days in the past week, that has not happened. I did, however, finish one yoga sock on Sunday.

Then, last night, I cast on the second. I am loosely following a pattern, but it is simple enough to modify the number of rows to my liking. There is one thing that I need to figure out before I start a second pair. When a pattern does not specify the type of cast on to use, how does a knitter choose the best option? I suppose that experience will eventually tell me. For these socks, I used what I believe is the 'long tail cast on' that I have used for every other project. The problem is that following that with ribbing yields funky results. At least, I think that is why it looks the way it does. You can see that the top of the sock doesn't really appear to have a clean edge. I ran into the same problem at the 'heel' (as you can see, the yoga sock does not really have a heel, but you know which part I am talking about). My cast off at the heel looks nice and neat, but when I cast back on, the edge is a little strange like the top of the sock. I am going to do the second sock the same way so that they match, but before I begin a second pair, I am going to consult my new book!

There is a myriad of online knitting resources for which I am extremely grateful. However, when I am all settled in on the couch with my loving boyfriend next to me and a cuddly cat on each of our laps, I do not want to get up and disturb everyone to look up how to 'rinc' online. Now I will not have to! My previously mentioned loving boyfriend found this great book for me. I can keep it in my knitting bag and have a reference at all times. Yes, he is the greatest.

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  1. The long tail cast-on on your sock looks about right - maybe a tad bit uneven, but that is the way it looks. It should be stretchy and it will pull in a bit. I think that's why it is good for socks - that along with ribbing and stretchy yarn will help to keep them from falling down.

    The cast-on at the heel does look a bit off - not sure of the type of cast on you used here. When I have to cast-on mid-project, I usually use the cable cast-on as it creates a nice even sturdy edge.

    All-in-all the sock looks good. No one will notice the funky cast-on at the heel, unless they have a foot fetish.