Thursday, April 17, 2008


The additional yarn arrived to finish my Duchess Raglan sweater, but there is no time for that...

I'm going on vacation!

In 48 hours I will be on a plane to Arizona. I just checked, and living in New England, I have never seen anything like this...

I have not had a full week off in over two years... I have NEVER had a full week off with my boyfriend... I have never been to Arizona or any place like it... I could not be more excited.

We have a great week planned, but I am mostly looking forward to RELAXING. I will bring the books I just received from the Costume Goddess and some smaller knitting projects for the plane ride. I will also load up my mp3 player with the music for my performance the first Friday in May. However, I am going to try to be UNproductive for a week. I think it is time for that. I will report back when I return!

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