Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fabric? Bargains? Count me in!

Each year the Salvation Army saves up all of the fabric that is donated and holds one huge fabric sale. I have been waiting to hear about when and where the sale would be this year. I found out late Thursday afternoon that the sale was on Friday. It was short notice, but I emailed my manager requesting a vacation day and my request was granted.

There were tables and tables fabric, patterns, and notions, and I could not believe the prices. The majority of the tables were labeled 50 cents per pound. With all of my costuming plans (and a few other projects in mind) I started making my way around the room and filling up my bags. I filled two large bags by the time we had exhausted the room, and honestly, I am not sure I could have carried any more. We brought our treasures to the weighing station, and to my amazement, my total was only $7.40. You can hardly buy a single yard of fabric for that price! I found all kinds of shiny, silky, pretty fabrics in beautiful colors (and good quantities). This picture only shows about half of what I found...

I can hardly wait to start creating! Santino and Samson were more excited about the empty shopping bags...

Stay tuned for knitting updates this week... it has been far too long.

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  1. You just became my new hero... taking a last minute vacation day for shopping... and thrift-store fabric shopping at that! I'm in awe. Complete admiration :) hee hee