Friday, May 9, 2008

Last Weekend Was For Bellydance

My previous post was all about my solo debut, but the rest of the weekend was dedicated to bellydance as well.

On Saturday, I finally made it to the fabric store to buy fabric for my first costume (made by me). I have changed my mind several times since my last post on this topic. Ideas began whirling around in my head after reading through the first three books fo the Costume Goddess Series. I am still going to follow Shira's advice for making my circle skirt, but I changed my mind about the type of fabric I wanted to use based on the Costume Goddess' advice. The Costume Goddess also has a GREAT trick for a much simpler vest than I was thinking of attempting. I'll talk more about that when I start (or finish) the vest, but the skirt is my first priority. I chose the fabric pictured below for the skirt (and the darkest turquoise will most likely be used for the vest as well).

I also bought a bolt of inexpensive muslin fabric. I am going to use the muslin to do a "mock up" to be sure my calculations are correct before cutting into the more expensive fabric. I am really looking forward to this project. Wish me luck!

On Sunday, I attended Karim Nagi's workshops that I wrote about in February. They were amazing! The first, Musicality for Dancers, was full of invaluable information. I will certainly incorporate what Karim taught into my dance. The second, Arab Folk Dance Intensive, was incredibly fun and a great workout! Karim began the Folk Dance Intensive with an Egyptian martial arts dance, the Tahteeb.

I have to admit, if I had known there would be throwing and catching involved in this workshop, I probably would not have attended. I am glad I did not know. Karim Nagi taught me how to throw and catch! (To my mom, dad, little league softball coaches, and ex-boyfriends... TAKE THAT!) I did not dare try it with my left hand in the tight quarters of the workshop, but I have since practiced at home, and can now throw and catch with my left hand too (most of the time).

We ended with the Dabke, which was incredibly fun, energizing, and exhausting. My calves hurt through Wednesday!

I bought Karim's instructional drumming DVD, "Rhythms of the Arab World, Vol.1," and one of his rhythms CDs, "Rhythms from Around the Arab World, Vol. 4." I also got Karim's autograph...


Yes, I get star struck fairly easily. After listening to Karim's music for some time, walking into a workshop in Portland, Maine and seeing him sitting right there in front of me was pretty darn cool. And just so you know... I only asked for one autograph, but I bought two items, and after signing my CD he asked if I would like for him to sign the DVD as well... What would you have said?

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