Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cast On, Cast Off

Alright, it took me three tries to cast on correctly for Coachella... it was maddening. The first time, I cast on so tightly that I could not even come close to joining in the round. The second time, in an attempt to cast on more loosely, the stitches were all uneven and warbly. The third time... well, this time it seemed to be just right. Apparently, I should practice casting on more often than each time I begin a project.

You will have pictures of "Me Too, Rachel" soon. Everything was in line to have a picture taken when I decided that a little mascara would make for a much prettier picture and... that's right... I dropped the mascara wand down the front of the dress. Oh, do not panic. I panicked enough for all of us. I did successfully remove the mascara from the dress. I wonder if I will ever dare put it on again? Yes... yes, I will... and then you will have pictures.

1 comment:

  1. See... and I wasn't even going to mention the lack of pictures ;)

    I'm sorry the cast on was frustrating :( Looks like it's going to be pretty!