Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bye-bye, Bump

See this? Yes, I know, it does not look like a large bump, but have you ever tried to take pictures of your own arm? It was difficult to get a good angle. The bump in the picture is a ganglion cyst. It has been hanging out on my wrist for about a year and half now. It gets bigger, and smaller, and bigger, and smaller... Lately, however, it seems to be doing a lot more of getting bigger (and more uncomfortable) than getting smaller.
I know what you're thinking... Do less typing? Less knitting? Less zill playing? Fewer push ups? No way! Besides, I am fairly sure that those things are not what makes it worse, especially because those are not the things that make it hurt. After speaking with my DO this morning (he's great!), we came to the conclusion that the way that I am sleeping may be a major factor in its increase in size. And so... I will wear this while I sleep for a little while (my apologies... Samson would not stop chasing the red-eye-reduction-light)...
I went to the medical supply shop after work today with the instructions from my DO. I handed the instructions to the man at the counter. He had to ask someone else to read the handwriting. He then asked what kind of insurance I have. Once I showed him my card, he went to the shelf and returned with this wrist splint. I asked, "Do they come in different sizes?" He replied, "This is the one that your insurance might cover." Was it ridiculous for me to think that I might need a different size wrist splint than an average-size man? He acted as though it was.
No matter. If this contraption convinces the bump to get smaller, and smaller, and smaller... it will be my new favorite accessory. Bye-bye, bump!


  1. yeah trying to get a wrist splint for a small hand/wrist is tough (yours looks like it fits though!)... I had to pay extra for mine to get a "woman's size" (though mine's just a Wal*mart special).

    Hope your bump goes away!!

  2. Thank you for posting this!! I've had one that looks like yours for about a year and a half now so seeing someone else with the same story makes me feel a little better. I thought something was wrong with my wrist, I lift a lot so I thought I had popped a tendon or something. Is the bump still there? Mine went away for like 3 months once then popped up again so they're trickly lil suckers.

  3. They ARE tricky! The splint made no difference at all... The bump is still there... bigger some days, smaller some days, not painful at all most of the time, but really sore sometimes... My DO recommends just living with it so long as it isn't interfering too much since most treatments (draining it, surgery, etc.) are invasive and largely unsuccessful. I hope yours isn't too bothersome!

  4. I have one of these as well! I also do exercise knit and sew! In the name of Jesus it's Going to be GONE! I declare it in Jesus name! For you and Myself! ♥ God Bless