Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Push Ups, Knitting Needles, and Fresh Sauce

On push ups...

I am going to deviate from "The Hundred Push Ups Training Program" for a little while. I successfully completed Week 5, and out of curiosity, completed another exhaustion test this weekend. I managed fifty push ups... barely. In thinking about this and looking ahead at Week 6, I decided to work on some other areas of fitness before I continue. I am going to 100 push ups every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in order to keep the strength I have built in this program. That may be in five sets of 20, or four sets of 25, or some other combination... I have not decided yet. I will keep the rest periods between sets short in order to keep the endurance I have built up as well. In the meantime, I am going to work on cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Once I have progressed to where I want to be in those areas, I will likely repeat Week 5, then do Week 6, and then try for the 100.

On knitting needles...

My first pair of knitting needles was Bryspun, and that is what I have been buying since then. I liked how the plastic felt in my hands, and how the stitches never seemed to slip off the ends. Now that I have been knitting for a couple of years, I want to work on getting faster, and want to try some new needles.

I received two generous Knit Wit gift certificates for my birthday: one from my brother, and one from My Honey's family. I brought the one from my brother with me to the shop on Sunday to purchase my first pair (okay, two pair) of Addi Turbos. When the woman behind the counter read "From Your Brother" on my gift certificate, she exclaimed "Wow, you have a great brother!" I assured her that she was correct. Thank you, Brother!

On the season...

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone; this is always a tough transition for me. I love the summer time. I love warmth, and sun, and green grass, and sandy beaches. I do not like to think about packing up my sandals and sundresses in exchange for boots and parkas. Fortunately, Maine does still have much to offer in this late summer season. At the farmer's market I found beautiful flowers for my kitchen table, and My Honey found tomatoes for his most delicious homemade fresh sauce...
These things make the transition a little easier.

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  1. Addi needles are awesome :)

    I have been doing five sets of 10 push-ups Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I don't know if I'll ever do more than that, but I really like the results. Thanks for posting about the program!