Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sending Hugs

I have the best brother in the whole world. He is currently serving in the US Air Force and is stationed in Colorado. We talk on the phone often, but I miss him still. He was home for just a few days this past weekend, and each time I see him, I am relieved to find that we have not lost our connection. Not everyone gets my sense of humor all the time, but he does. I always find him saying things that make me think "I do the same thing!" or "I have thought that same unusual thought!" We are very similar in a lot of ways. I could write a novel about all of the times he stood up for me, or was there for me, or was otherwise the best brother I could ever ask for, but I need to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight...

When my brother was home in the spring, he brought with him the sweetest and most lovely young woman. I was delighted to see how his eyes lit up when he introduced her to everyone, and even more so to see how much she genuinely cares for him. What more could I want for my brother? They have since moved in together and adopted a puppy.

I am writing this post because my brother's Honey was deployed on Tuesday for a six month tour in a dry, sandy place. I want them both to know that I am thinking of them and sending hugs for them out into the universe. (I wonder if they can feel them?) I wish for them a speedy six months until they are reunited. I thought perhaps my readers could send some hugs and wishes for safe travels, too.

Today seemed a fitting day for this post. Let us send hugs, heartfelt gratitude, and wishes for safe travels to all of our service men and women today.


  1. I am definitely sending hugs and safe travels their way :)

  2. WOW! I am spechless thank you for that.