Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First Belt Pattern

It is time to begin my next costume! I have been scouring online forums, reading costuming books, and sketching designs for some time now. I am ready to begin.

My personal sewing mentor (and loving aunt) generously offered to assist me in this project. I arrived at her home on Friday morning with the intent to create a pattern for my belt. It is imperative that a dance belt fit perfectly, and this type of fitting would be extremely difficult to do on my own. I arrived with my sketches and my plan, but no amount of reading and research can compare to her experience and knowledge. She had a much better idea of how to create a perfect fit, and I am certain that it was much quicker than the method I had intended to use. Would you like to see the pattern?

I know... it does not look like much, but this pattern is going to yield many beautiful and perfectly fitting belts... I just know it!

I'll share my sketches and inspiration pieces in a future post... mostly likely once I receive the fabric swatches I have ordered.

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