Monday, December 29, 2008

Creative, Talented, and Generous Friends and Family

I am fortunate to have so many creative, talented, and extremely generous people in my life. I think about it often, and try to never take it for granted. The holidays have given me a means to tell you a little bit about a few of them.
A friend from work combined two things I love and made me this beautiful cribbage board... with a bellydancer burned into the surface!
Chick That Knits gave me this cozy Christmas ball...
... and My Honey and I received these cute little guys from Keeping Myself in Stitches!
Another generous friend from work who is an exceptional baker gave me and My Honey a whole bag of goodies... but it did not last nearly long enough to be photographed.
My mom made this Christmas light potpourri warmer which is filling our apartment with holiday scents.
... and my step-dad's mom made us these ingeniously folded Christmas napkins.
From one aunt I received these intricate muslin coasters of her own design...
... from another (my Godmother) a sparkling snowflake ornament...
... and from a third aunt, with the help of her handy fiance, these great wintry mailbox ornaments!
A cousin made these delicious truffles for us, and so extremely thoughtfully, made mine without sugar (I'm not really suppose to have much sugar).
Another cousin made this great heating pack out of a tube sock and rice! I got to pick which design I wanted, and could not resist this blue flower.
Our neighbor and friend is an extraordinary artist, and each year she creates a new scratchboard specifically for the holidays. We were fortunate enough to receive one of her prints!
My Honey made me this calendar filled with his portraits of our two cats. He made me one last year that I kept in my office at work, and it made me smile each and every day. I am so happy to a whole new year full of his photographs of our boys!
Along with these handmade gifts, I also received some special treats!
My brother sent us two of his favorite beer varieties from Colorado...
Mmmmmm... both are delicious!
I also found one of my favorite local snacks in our Christmas tree on Christmas morning... It was full when I found it... and empty shortly after this picture was taken.
And while this is neither handmade nor edible... I cannot help but show you how much My Honey spoils me... check this out...
My very first iPod!!! And it is pink!!! And it has matching comfortable headphones!
I hope your holidays are filled with as much love as mine have been. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2009!


  1. Wow... nice bunch o' loot you got there! :) Glad you liked the ornaments... they were so much fun :)

    And thank you again for your yummy treats. One of my few "indulgences" this holiday :-D

  2. What a sweet post! So many creative and talented people...

  3. Hey those beers were hand made ...... just not by me.