Monday, December 15, 2008


I have a bad case of knitting attention deficit disorder. When the seasons changed, two summer tops went into hibernation (Ribbon X-Back and Coachella). In September, I began work on a Christmas present which is no longer going to be a Christmas present. That was put aside for Ginger's Zill Pouch and my first attempt my ideal wrap sweater. I completed both of those! In November, I cast on Blackberry, but that was put aside to knit mice for Samson's birthday. After that, I felt the need to try my hand at a second wrap sweater. I do not know why I feel this way, but even though there are a million wrap sweater patterns, I feel the need to create my own. This might be a little ambitious given my very little knitting experience, but eventually, I will come up with something that I love. This one is cozy, and I will wear it to dance class, but it's not what I've been dreaming of.
As it got colder (especially in my office) I started to miss the pair of Fetching that I lost. At the beginning of December, I cast on a new pair of those. Halfway through the first mitt, I decided I would rather knit a hat, and cast on a blue beret. The beret is finished! Before blocking, it looked like the opposite of a beret...

... but after blocking, it looks like a beret. I followed the pattern "Super-simple fast and easy chunky hand-knit beret" by Laurie Perry, and used Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande. I did not switch needles sizes as recommended, which I regret. I still think it looks nice, and it is cozy and soft and not itchy... all great hat qualities!

I was about to get back to my Fetching when I decided to knit a Christmas present. This actually is going to be a Christmas present, so even though it is almost finished, you'll have to wait for more details on that.

Phew... I am a little tired from all of that. I think I'll go work on my Fetching... or maybe I'll cast on something new...


  1. Bwahahaha. I knew the knitting stop/start craziness would hit eventually. I also noticed you have added to your stash :)

  2. Wouldn't the opposite of a beret be socks? :) You should cast on some socks! :-D