Thursday, May 14, 2009

Franklin Habit and Sister Sue

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that one of the women I dance with is the sister of Franklin Habit! You may be familiar with his fabulous blog, The Panopticon, his beautiful knitting, and his hilarious knitting cartoons.

Since this discovery, Sister Sue has been promising to bring some "Franklin Knits" to class. This past Tuesday, she did! (Actually, she did once before, but I missed class due to a terrible cold... drat!) I saw, touched, and gushed over the Sheep in the Meadow baby jacket, the Tulip baby jacket, the Littlest Democratic Sweater, and (among others)...

the Christening Shawl...

amazingly beautiful.

Thank you, Sister Sue! You should know that as wide-eyed and awe-struck as I got over your brother's knits, I am even more inspired by your kindness, your sense of humor, and your loveliness when you dance!


  1. Thanks, Dori! I was happy to oblige by bringing in the knits. You are so kind and beautiful and inspiring as a dancer, too! I'm lucky to know you.

  2. Yes, thank you!!!! haha... I was happy to be able to weasel in on the show-and-tell... GORGEOUS items!!!!!!!