Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeling Blue?

Melancholy seems to be in the air these days... and it is not just me, it seems to be everyone I encounter... and yesterday, I noticed that each of my current projects is blue: my costume belt (which is near completion, but I do not have updated photos for you yet), Coachella, and my Lace Capelet. Not much of a coincidence, really, since blue is my favorite color, but I may need to cast on something in bright fuchsia to change the mood.

Or perhaps, it will change on its own... today is a new day... the sun is shining... and maybe if I smile enough, someone will smile back at me.


  1. Hey, life is good! Blue is a great color it just gets a bad rap sometimes; however, I am a big fan of green. Maybe you should give that a try.