Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cast On Calorimetry and Corona

Two weeks ago, I cast on for Calorimetry and Corona.

Calorimetry is nearly complete. I just need to knit a few more rows, weave in the ends, and add a button. This is my first project with short rows, and I enjoyed seeing how they shaped the knitting. There have been a few days these past two weeks where I wished this was finished to keep my ears warm.

Corona is just barely started.

This will be a deep v-neck hooded sweater.  I cannot say too much about it after only a few rows of ribbing, but I do love the yarn already (Cascade Yarns 220 Wool).

Of course, I cannot have a Saturday photo shoot without Samson demanding a turn in front of the lens...

1 comment:

  1. That color of your Corona is going to be great on you! Can't wait to see how it looks (although I will... wait) :)