Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Hooded Pullover and a Capelet In Progress

I learned what a "capelet" is when I first started browsing knitting patterns a few years ago...  and I just now learned how to pronounce it when I looked up the definition for this post.  Now I know!

When I first started knitting my mittens, I had visions of a matching hat and capelet.  My hat is complete, and now I am working on the capelet!  Here you can see the beginnings.  You will notice a raglan type increase and the beginning of a butterfly.  I plan to have a vertical strip of butterflies down the front to tie in the butterflies on my hat.



I am using the Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan pattern by Pamela Costello to get the general size and shape, and the butterflies from the Butterfly Hat by Sofiya Cremin.

I am also chugging along on Corona (pattern by CanarySanctuary).  The ribbing seemed to take forever, but I am finally into the stockinette portion.  I expect it to go a little more quickly now.


I am looking forward to seeing both of these projects shape up!

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  1. wuhoo! I see stockinette!!! ;)

    These both look great.