Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Ball Winder

While I am not even half way through my first pair of socks, I cannot help but think of about the Sereknitty Sock Options Shimmer in colorway Cupcake that I bought at NETA's SPA last year...


... and when I think about it, I not only think about the socks I want to knit, but also that I do not want to wind that skein by hand. And now, I will not have to.


This is my new ball winder. Knit Wit, one of my favorite local yarn shops, did not have any in stock when I first decided to purchase one. However, the lovely Anna promised to call when she received a new shipment, and call she did!

I could hardly wait to test it out.  As soon as I returned home, I pulled my previous yarn experiment (my strawberry wool) out of my stash and gave it a whirl. It works like a dream! Someday I will invest in a swift, but for now, my knees work just fine. Sit tight, Sereknitty Sock Options Shimmer in colorway Cupcake, I will be with you shortly (relatively speaking)!

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