Monday, November 1, 2010

Jesus and Mary

My Honey and I have fun dressing up for Halloween, and this year's costumes were especially fun for me to make.

Jesus (Quintana, The Big Lebowski) and Mary (Had A Little Lamb)

Our idea was officially confirmed as soon as My Honey found the little lamb purse at a local GW. He also found a full length petticoat that I was able to modify. The blue gingham fabric is from Denver Fabrics with which I made the top and circle skirt. I have made circle skirts in the past for dance costumes, so I can now do this easily with a few quick calculations. In fact, after making full length circle skirts out of fabrics like silk chiffon, this knee-length skirt in a woven cotton fabric was a breeze! The top is modeled after a Banana Republic summer top that I own. I made the apron and pantaloons out of a white woven fabric from my stash, both of which were improvised. The skirt, apron, and pantaloons are all trimmed with a white eyelet ruffle that I found at Jo-Ann's.


I know it is silly, but the pantaloons are my favorite part!


My Honey also found a his purple shirt and pants at GW. The pants were a women's size 4, so it took a little work to alter them to fit his rugged-over-six-foot-tall frame. I added the red stripes to the pants and the shirt, and embroidered "Jesus" on the chest. He found the wrist brace at GW, and the hairnet at Sally's. I found the "bowling ball" in the fake-flower-section at Marden's. I guess it is some sort of decorative item, but I think it played the part of a bowling ball quite well.

Our idea may have been a little too obscure to win any costume contests this year, but we had fun, and made a lot of people laugh. What is better than inspiring smiles and laughter?

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  1. Nothing is better than inspiring smiles and laughter... except possibly those pantaloons!! :)