Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Sewing 2010

I did a lot of Christmas sewing this year.  Unfortunately, I was finishing things late at night and gifting them the next day, so I only have photos of the first finished projects.

Several people on my Christmas list received these lavender heat / cold packs.  The interior pouch is made of white cotton muslin.  The pouch is divided into four segments so the rice and dried lavender buds stay relatively evenly distributed.  It can be microwaved for 1 to 3 minutes and used as a heat pack, or put in the freezer and used as a cool pack.  The exterior "pillow case" is also made of cotton and is machine washable and dry-able.  In fact, I washed and dried all of the fabric before getting started so they should not shrink or become misshapen.  I purchased four different pairs of coordinating fabrics, but only have photos of these two.



Some of the ladies on my Christmas list received these little tissue pouches. I cannot claim this idea as my own; you can find instructions here. I used the same four pairs of coordinating fabrics, but again, only have photos of these two.


I also made little stuffed bears for my littlest cousins. I intended for them to have character, and character they indeed have. I wish I captured a photo of them for you!

All in all, I would classify my Christmas sewing as a success, but next year, I must start earlier. I was up far too late for far too many nights in a row. Of course, it is all worth it to see my friends and family members smiling with their gifts!

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