Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Origami Butterfly Holiday Belt

In previous years, receiving invitations to several holiday parties has always seemed like a perfect reason to purchase a new dress.  I always look for something that is versatile and re-wearable, but once a dress has been been recorded in holiday-party-photo-history, it is difficult to find the right venue to wear it again.  This idea encouraged me to find a way to spruce up a dress that I already own for this year's festivities.

My original idea was a simple red velvet bow belt, but then I stumbled upon an inspiring Etsy shop, Sew Smashing.  Silk origami butterfly accessories?  Yes, please!  But, while the prices are extraordinarily reasonable, I thought for sure this was something I could do myself...  maybe even in red velvet...  to adorn a holiday belt...

A couple of days to puzzle through the folding required to create the butterfly shape, a little red velvet and black satin from my stash, a skirt hook which I happened to have on hand, and a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon later...



I absolutely love it. Paired with my favorite little black (wool, boat-neck, sleeveless, knee-length, a-line) dress, I have a brand new holiday outfit! Actually, I have several dresses that this belt will work with... which means... I have several new holiday outfits!

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