Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Third Birthday, HipDroppedStitches! On to Year Four!

Yesterday was this blog's third birthday.  Happy Birthday, HipDroppedStitches!  I decided against another photo mosaic since I just posted one for 2010.  Instead, I will share with you my hopes for this blog in its fourth year.

I plan to continue knitting and dancing, and I will definitely continue sharing those experiences with you.  The changes will come in that I hope to do a lot more sewing this year.  I have been greatly inspired by the sewing blogs I subscribe to (a couple of my current favorites are: and  If I can construct a bedlah from scratch, and work with materials like stretch velvet and silk chiffon, I must not be too far away from being able to create clothing I can easily work into my regular wardrobe, right?  Being petite, I have always struggled with finding clothing that fits properly off the rack, and to complicate matters, the area in which I live is not known for its high fashion shopping.  I would love to fill my closet with comfortable, fashionable, and well-fitting skirts and dresses, and making them myself seems like the only way to go.  I would also like to work in a few bathing suits and party dresses.  Oh, so many ideas swirling around in my head!

As I have used Ravelry to catalog my knitting projects, I will be using BurdaStyle to catalog my sewing projects.  I will begin by sharing with you my first sewing project from a pattern...  knit culottes!


I know, the word "culottes" makes me cringe a little as well, but these are comfy, fold-over waist, yoga style culottes that are certain to be a go-to item for warm-weather lounge wear.  This is a free pattern by JJ1 and the details of my project can be found here.  I used a knit fabric that I obtained at one of the fabric thrift sales I have attended, so I cannot tell you the exact fiber content.  It is very soft and breathable.  I think these culottes are super cute and super comfy.  I will label this project a success!

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  1. cute! :) I look forward to seeing your sewing projects... maybe it'll inspire me :)