Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Refashion: My Favorite Turtleneck and My Least Favorite Yoga Pants

My Favorite Turtleneck: I was wearing my favorite fuchsia turtleneck when one of our cats, Santino, snuck downstairs into the basement. I caught him and began back up the stairs when our other cat, Samson, started down. I yelled "Samson!" which startled Santino. He kicked hard with his back feet, claws out, and tore a large hole in my favorite turtleneck. (I sulked for a solid hour or so, occasionally glaring at Santino, but eventually forgave him.) I could not bring myself to throw it away, so I washed it, and added it to my fabric stash.

My Least Favorite Yoga Pants: I recently started attending a Bikram Yoga class. Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room that is 105 degrees (Fahrenheit). It is intense, amazing, and I love it. Finding the proper attire, however, has been a process of experimentation. I could go on about the pros and cons of pants versus shorts, but will be succinct in stating that capris seem to be the best option for me right now. Of course, due to my petite-ness, any off-the-rack capris look more like pants that are a little too short. I began thinking about my least favorite pair of yoga pants.  I have had them for over ten years, but I never wear them because the elastic waist is just a little too squeezy.

The Refashion: With a few strategic snips of the scissors, I turned my favorite turtleneck into a new wrap top for dance class. I then removed the elastic waist band from the yoga pants, and cut them to just below knee length. I used the remaining turtleneck fabric to create a fold-over waist band and coordinating cuffs.


I will likely never wear these together since one is better suited for dance and the other for yoga, but they stand fine on their own. The wrap top is perfect for dance class in these cooler (freezing!) months, and the capris now have a comfortable waist and perfect length.


  1. omg perfect!!! You're inspiring with all of this. And wtg with the yoga! I'd love to try that someday... have always heard good things about it.

  2. i just started doing bikram yoga as well. maybe you can knit me some cool capris!! :)