Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Pretty, But Necessary

I would like to think that I will always find a few moments for sewing each weekend, but sometimes, other tasks take precedence. This weekend, those tasks included...

sump pump modification...

and sump pump installation.

The melting snow and large amounts of rain are causing the water table to rise. Our basement floors are still dry, but the water level in the sump pump pits reached levels that urged us to take action.  We took steps to make the existing sump pump more efficient and installed a second on the other side of the basement.  Our fingers are crossed that this will be sufficient.

Keeping the basement dry is important for a number of reasons, but I thought this one in particular might best express the urgency.

We must keep the fabric and yarn stash safe and dry!

I hope to have time in the coming week to make modifications to my first infinity dress and begin the second. Then, I will have much prettier pictures to share.


  1. Wow, did you do this plumbing? Nice work!

  2. Looks similar to what I was doing on Saturday...;) however my basement had 3" of water in it near the pump :(

    Glad you guys were able to get this installed before the water got too high!

  3. Great work, you two! Do you have a dehumidifier? It was the Least Sexy Thing I think I ever bought (the sump pump already existed, or that would definitely have taken the title), but it can make a world of difference in a basement that draws water, especially with fabrics and fibers in residence.

  4. Eeks, 3"? The first sump pump was doing alright, but we feared that if conditions worsened, it would not longer be able to keep up. Also, it seemed that each time it pumped water out, half of it would just flow right back in. We put a check valve in place to prevent that from happening anymore, and installed the second sump pump just in case. I think that if we can keep the basement dry this year, we may be in the clear. Wishing you luck with yours!

  5. Thanks! We do have a dehumidifier. We did that nearly as soon as we moved in. We are easily able to keep the humidity in check with the dehumidifier in place, even now with the water level so high in the sump pump pits.