Friday, April 1, 2011

A Compliment From One Of My Favorites

I traveled twice on business in the past two weeks.  Returning home to an overflowing Google Reader brought to light to how many blogs I subscribe.  Furthermore, my favorites became clear as I navigated directly to them before sifting through the rest.  One of my favorites is Tanit-Isis Sews.  I love her style, she is incredibly talented, and she is thorough in explaining her projects from conception through completion.  I have learned much from her!

Imagine my delight when I returned from the first of my two recent trips to find that Tanit-Isis Sews linked to my blog!  She liked my fold-over waist half circle skirt...  an amazing compliment!  You can find her post here.  Please, check out her blog and her projects on BurdaStyle.  

Thank you, Tanit-Isis Sews!

I am grateful to not have any more business trips scheduled for a little while.  I am craving time for knitting, sewing, and dancing, and want to share more of these things with you!

In order to not leave you with a photo-less post, I will share this picture of Samson basking in the sun a couple of weekends ago.  This photo warms me up on this snowy, snowy day.


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  1. Aww! Thank YOU! Hopefully life gives you lots of sewing, knitting, and dancing time now you're back.