Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Infinity Dress Experiment: Part IV

I completed my second infinity dress today. As I planned after finishing my first infinity dress, I made the waistband smaller, the straps wider, and made the straps out of one continuous piece of fabric. The result is a lovely infinity dress...


... but... I do not love it. I have come to accept that this style of dress simply does not flatter my petite frame. It minimizes my bust and adds bulk to my waist. These are not characteristics I am looking for in a dress. I think I am most disappointed that I did not realize this sooner. I, for the most part, have become wise to which shapes work well for me, and which ones do not. I fear the novelty of the infinity dress caused me to lose sight of this wisdom. I think I could wear bra cups and make it work, but it will not be the easy-to-throw-on-dress I was hoping for. I will model it for you another day, but not today.

On the bright side, I had enough remaining fabric to make another fold-over waist half circle skirt. The skirt, I love. I will model the skirt for you another day as well.


  1. Sucks you dont like it....I like the colors you used on it.

  2. Indeed... another disappointing fact is that I LOVE this fabric... I will have to look for something like to to make a different dress that I love...

  3. chie - vivat veritasApril 21, 2011 at 10:55 PM

    ive been wanting to try infinity dress myself for a while! how did your first one go? i love how versatile the dress is;)

  4. You can see how my first one turned out here... I also love the versatility of it, but it is just not working for me. :-)