Thursday, May 12, 2011

Annual Salvation Army Fabric Sale 2011

The Annual Salvation Army Fabric Sale was held last Friday! I arrived at 8 o'clock in the morning, an hour before the sale began, which put me in a much better position in line than in previous years. Standing with my back to the wind, attempting to soak up as much warmth from the early morning sun as possible, I enjoyed listening to the chatter in the line. Women of all ages spoke of quilting, sewing, knitting, embroidery, and projects that have been buried for years and recently excavated. I especially enjoyed seeing couples, wise in years, arrive together; several husbands escorted their wives to the sale and sat with coffee and newspapers while they shopped. I wonder if that will be Mr. Hip Dropped Stitches and me someday!

At 9 o'clock the doors opened, and for the first time, I was a member of the first group to enter the room. Rows of tables displayed myriads of fabric remnants, all so neatly stacked! I swiftly moved from table to table and filled two re-usable grocery bags with fabric treasure. Next, I found the sewing pattern table and thumbed through the boxes of patterns. I scooped up several of them and made my way to the check out line. I was in and out in less than an hour. This is what I found!







Most of this fabric is in large enough quantities for skirts and dresses. I realize the nautical fabric may seem like an odd choice, but I think it might make a nice beach bag, or at the very least, I might cut out the shapes and create appliques. The paisley on the left may become a curtain for our home office. It would look great above the orange velour couch below the window!


On the left, I really like the shape of the camisole straps. I think that, in a more casual fabric, this could make a cute summer top. On the right, skirts!


I am curious about the beach cover-up patterns on the left, and while the pattern on the right is illustrated as lounge wear, I think the hooded version at knee-length could be perfect for warm beach days that become cool and windy in the afternoon.


As you can see, I appear to be a sucker for skirt patterns. I also really like the dress all the way to the right on the McCall's 2050 (below).


I purchased all of this for $8.55. Can you believe it? I heard rumors while at the sale that this would be the last year. I very much hope that is not true. I will have to look into that rumor and see if anything can be done to keep the event going. I hope to be writing a similar post next year!

Note: Both of my Anda dresses (first Anda, second Anda) are made from fabric obtained at this sale in previous years.


  1. Good finds!!  I especially love the fabric with the tiny blue flowers :)

  2. Yay! That is one of my favorites, too. :-) I think it is hard to find delicate prints like that...