Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little More Shoe Sugar

A dear fried of mine celebrated her birthday earlier this month and gathered a small group of fantastic women for a lovely evening celebration. She made one request... that everyone wear red shoes!

I loved the idea of the red shoe party, but I did not own red shoes. I tried finding a pair, but was unsuccessful (I have already spent too much blog space complaining about my shoe finding woes). I was again inspired by Kathleen of Grosgrain's Shoe Sugar Month and decided that red flowers on black shoes would have to suffice.

About an hour before the birthday celebration, I ran to my fabric stash and found some red chiffon. I cut a strip of the chiffon, folded it in half a bunch of times, and placed a small juice glass on top to use as a stencil. I used my rotary cutter to cut around the glass (this was not as easy as I had imagined), leaving me with several circles of chiffon.

Next, I picked up each circle with a pair of tweezers and carefully melted the edges over a candle. If you try this, please note, you do not need to get very close to the flame. The heat melts the edges and curls them up. After this step, they looked like lovely rose petals!

Once each circle was sufficiently melted, I made two stacks, and used my machine to do a quick stitch right in the center. I thought I had a few swarovski crystals left over from a costume, but was disappointed to find that I did not. I hoped to add them to the center of each flower to cover the stitch, but decided (out of necessity) they were good enough as is. I attached an elastic to the back of each flower to slip over my shoe strap, and voila!


I think they're great! Most importantly, the birthday girl seemed to approve. We had such a lovely evening... dinner, gelato, sangria, and some of the most beautiful, amazing, and inspiring women I know.


  1. Love them!  This reminds me of the time I took the lighter to my poly-china silk flags to stop them from fraying... learned some lessons about fire on that project ;)

  2. I for one love the idea of a shoe party :D
    Those shoes are totally adorable!

  3. Thank you! :-)

    Yikes! I hope those lessons were learned without injury!

  4. Thanks so much!

    I think there should be more shoe parties... especially since I now feel confident in adding any color flower to my favorite black shoes!