Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Black-With-Blue-Polka-Dots Fold-Over Waist Half Circle Skirt

You may remember from this post that I had enough fabric remaining from my second infinity dress to make another fold-over waist half circle skirt. Here it is!


I love this skirt, and have already worn it several times. I wore it in Jamaica... I have worn it to work... I have worn it on the weekends here and there... I love it!

It is a stretch polyester rayon knit that I purchased on clearance at It is comfortable, and doesn't wrinkle. It washes beautifully and doesn't need ironing. Easy. Oh, and it is fun to twirl in!


You can see this project on BurdaStyle here.


  1. LOVE!!!  Just read the post about the infinity dress not working out for you... that's unfortunate, but I hear you on not really needing something that adds bulk to the waist.  Have you been able to refashion it to work for you at all?

  2. Thanks!!!

    I have yet to revisit the infinity dress... I am more likely to try to find someone who might want it than to try to refashion it... I'll let you know what I decide. :-)