Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Bridal Shoes

Mr. Hip Dropped Stitches and I finally received our wedding photos! I will share more of them with you soon (I need to share them with my mom, in person, before posting too many), but I could not wait any longer to share with you my bridal shoes.


In January, the lovely Kathleen of Grosgrain did a month-long series she entitled "Shoe Sugar Month" which is filled with great ideas and tutorials to spruce up any pair of shoes.

The tutorial describing a method to customize shoe insoles especially caught my attention. I love the detail shots often found in wedding photography... the earrings... the dress... the shoes... and customized insoles would make the shoe detail photos so much more lovely. I also had yet to incorporate butterflies (which, you may have noticed, have significance to me) or "something blue" into my wedding attire and this seemed like a great solution.

I received a Jo-Ann's gift certificate as a bridal shower gift from one of my wonderful aunts and used it to purchase a pair of pinking shears (which I have been wanting, desperately), fabric, adhesive backed foam, and additional spray adhesive. My mom helped me choose the fabric, which makes this project even more special. From there, I believe I did exactly what Kathleen did in her tutorial, so you can go visit her post for the rest of the instructions. I am so thrilled with the way they turned out!


If you ever have an occasion for pretty insoles, I highly recommend this this method.  Just keep in mind that you will be adding a bit of foam, so it is best if the shoe is not already too snug.


  1. omg... how cute!!??  That is such a perfect detail!

    Can't wait to see your pictures :) 

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to share my pictures. :-)