Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Wedding Celebration Photobooth

While we were grateful to have our wedding day to ourselves, it was also important to us to celebrate with our family and friends! We planned a reception for the end of August, and while hurricane Irene intervened and foiled travel plans for some, we were honored that so many of our friends and family attended and celebrated with us.

We hired a photographer for the event, and I will share some of those photos when they are available, but we also set up a little DIY photobooth. Everyone had so much fun with it, and now we have 120 photo strips of some of our favorite people!

Me and Mr. HipDroppedStitches

Me and My Brother, and Me and My Future Sister-In-Law

Everyone else!

I just love how creative and silly everyone was willing to be. These photos could cheer me up on the dreariest of days. Thanks, everyone!


  1. Ooh, what a lovely idea! The best "wedding" I've been to was a reception for a friend who eloped in Belize. Of course, any reception with that many belly dancers is bound to be a good one... Anyway, I really, really like your photo-booth idea. I am totally storing that away.

  2. Thanks! We actually got the idea from a friend's wedding... except, they rented an actual photobooth, and we just set up a little "DIY" version with a laptop with photobooth software (Sparkbooth). We also had a second monitor facing out which displayed a slideshow of all the photostrips (photostrips were automatically added to the slideshow as they were taken). Everyone had so much fun with it, and we love the results!