Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Wedding Day

I promised to share wedding photos with you ages ago...  so finally...  here are a select few!

"Few" may not have been the best word...  I had such a hard time choosing which ones to share.  I spent some time going through them today and the memories are just so precious...

We spent a week at Couples Negril in April, and were married in a private ceremony on the beach.  It was just the two of us (and the minister, photographer, videographer, and coordinator).  After the ceremony we danced in the garden and then shared cake and champagne in the gazebo.  We spent some time with our photographer (Misha Earle, she was amazing!), called our parents and siblings, and then enjoyed a lovely dinner.

Our wedding day truly exceed all of our expectations.  It was beautiful and perfect, and I would not change a single thing.  I am so grateful for my amazing husband, our life together, and for the opportunity to have the wedding of our dreams.

Stay tuned for photos from our vacation, and the reception we held for our friends and family in August!


  1. Wow... these are amazing!!  Love how happy and natural the two of you look.  She did a great job of capturing you guys and your personalities!  Beautiful.

  2. Thanks!!! She really did do an amazing job... and she was so much fun to work with...