Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Farewell Corona

I recently, excitedly, picked up this project that had been sitting for too long... my Corona sweater... in the loveliest shade of pink Cascade 220... I was loving everything about it when knitting it, but it was set aside in the business of this past year... and when I picked it up again... I was devastated to find... that the moths found it first... and it is ruined... completely ruined.

All of my yarn and projects are sealed in bags and bins, but this wip was sitting, unprotected, in an open-top knitting bag. I have not seen signs of moths elsewhere, and I am fairly certain that the rest of my stash and projects are safe, but this loss hurts. I have yet to decide if I will begin this pattern again. I really like it. I might, someday. The wound is too fresh right now. Farewell, Corona.

20101205_Corona01 20101205_Corona02
tu0716 20100207_Corona02


  1. *plays "Taps" quietly*

    I love all the Earth's creatures... but moths need to be nicer to hand-knits!

  2. Agreed! And thanks for the accompaniment... :-)