Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday, HipDroppedStitches!

This blog is four years old today! When I first re-read the third birthday post, where I wrote that I hoped "to do a lot more sewing this year" and dreamed of filling "my closet with comfortable, fashionable, and well-fitting skirts and dresses" made by me, I felt a little disappointed. I do not yet have a closet full of me-made clothing that I love. Then I began looking back at the past year's posts, and discovered that I completed more than I thought I had!

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My closet is not yet full of me-made clothing, but I did make several pieces that became wardrobe staples. I wear the first Anda dress I made quite often (and receive many compliments on it). It became my go-to dress for when I was traveling by air for work this year. It is comfortable enough to sit on a plane for hours (and it does not wrinkle), and I always feel put together upon arrival to my destination. I wear those lounge pants, and that refashioned sweater all the time, too. So comfortable! And each of those skirts (here, here, and here) were worn numerous times this spring, summer, and fall. The infinity dresses were a bit of a flop (here and here), but my shoe sugar projects were a success (here and here)! And for gifts, the baby blankets were well received (here and here), as were the hand warmers. Mr. HipDroppedStitches wears his lounge pants and his hat, too. Oh, and there are at least three dance costumes and a dress in progress that have yet to be featured here.

Considering that this year also included our wedding, honeymoon, wedding celebration, a trip to Mexico for a friend's wedding, and several business trips, I am a little surprised I completed as much as I did! And honestly, I am a little glad my closet is not already full of me-made clothing... I have so many ideas and need space for them! I think year five is going to be a very good year.


  1. I'm glad you saw how productive you really were.  You always amaze and inspire, Ms. Stitches...

  2. Awww... shucks! A huge compliment from the amazing and inspiring you!