Thursday, March 15, 2012

Progress on My Custom Fit Raglan and My Rocky Mountain High Socks

I have another finished knitting project to share, but rather than show you two blue cowls in a row, I thought I would update you on my progress on my Custom Fit Raglan, and My Rocky Mountain High Socks.

First... my raglan!


This is coming along nicely. It might be finished just in time for summer! Fortunately (for this reason only), we sometimes wear sweaters in Maine in the summer. And, I think the color of this one will be perfect for a walk on the beach with some white linen pants... I can hardly wait (for summer or the sweater)! I tried this on when it came down to just below my bustline. I really like the fit so far. It should be just at my waist now and time to try it on again.

And here are the socks...


These guys made their second trip to Colorado during our February vacation! That is an indicator of how long ago I started them. Either way, they are shaping up nicely. After trying them on, I am even more inspired to finish them up.


  1. matches your eyes......nice!

  2. Do you like blue by any chance?? :)  It's a great color for you.  Yay for progress!

  3. Seriously, right? I was just thinking... I need to write another post about how everything I'm knitting is blue... time for pink!

    Oh, and thanks! :-)