Monday, March 19, 2012

Thrifty Yarn

I have a couple of recent thrifty yarn purchases that I just need to share with you! All three of these were picked up at a local Goodwill on different occasions.

First, five skeins of Bear Brand De Luxe Knitting Worsted in a lovely shade of...


brown! Mr. HipDroppedStitches was surprised that I picked up this yarn, but, the truth is, I look good in brown! Or, I could make a teddy bear! Either way... I could not pass up five skeins of 100% wool worsted weight yarn in perfect condition (all but one were sealed in plastic w/ original ball bands) for 99 cents each. That is $4.97 (minus 10% with my discount card) for five skeins... would you pass that up?

Next up, is a skein of Berroco Glace...


This 100% rayon worsted weight ribbon yarn cost me $1.99 (minus 10% with my discount card). Whenever I see ribbon yarn, I instantly begin thinking about dance accessories. I do not know if this would be enough for a hip scarf, but maybe...

And finally...


seven skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Imagine for 99 cents each! This is a DK weight cotton / rayon blend... lovely. Seven skeins for a total of $6.93 (minus 10% with my discount card). Score!


  1. Those are beautiful!  Yummy (well.....the brown.....yes you do look good in brown....) xo

  2. Wow!  You scored!

  3. Nice finds!!  I love scoring good yarn at Goodwill :)