Sunday, December 29, 2013

My First Custom Fit Raglan

After almost two years, I completed my first custom fit raglan!


For this project I used Pamela Costello's Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan pattern. It is truly a great guide to creating a custom sweater that fits perfectly. I included waist shaping by decreasing every 10 rows down to my natural waistline, and then increased every 10 rows to accommodate for hips. For the sleeves, I decreased every 10 rows down to the elbow, and then increased every 10 rows to create the bell shape. There is a small amount of ribbing at the bottom, but I kept the sleeves and neck in stockinette to have a soft rolled edge.

Now, why did this sweater take two years to complete?  Most significantly, I have not knit much in the past year. However, in addition, I completed the body back in August of 2012. This spring, I finished the arms and the neck only to discover the yarn had been clipped (somehow... or it broke... definitely not moths... it was a clean cut... it's truly a mystery...) just below the bust line. I was in more of a I-want-this-sweater-to-be-perfect kind of mood when I made the discovery than a I-can-repair-this kind of mood, so I ripped the entire thing back and re-knit it. Then, I really didn't care for the neckline. I'd advise anyone using this pattern that the directions will result in a very snug neck. So, I unraveled the finished neckline, the original cast on, and down a few more rows, and re-knit it in the opposite direction. (I had to do some short row shaping to get the back of the neckline higher than the front as the original pattern does.) I am very glad I did the re-work. I would not have been happy with it in its previous state, but now, I love it.


This is likely my favorite sweater to date and I am looking forward to knitting another with a few lessons learned!

Pattern: The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater by Pamela Costello
Yarn: Gifted Worsted Wool
Needles: 9
Started:January 22, 2012
Completed: December 26, 2013

You can see this project on Ravelry here.

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